Fearless Ringleader | hoop dancer, leather designer, performer, & hoop instructor
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Paula Chambers has been hoop dancing since 2009. She has completed over 300 hours collectively of Hoop Dance Teacher training with Jonathan Livingston Baxter of Hooppath, Caroleeena, Brecken Rivara, Gail O’Brien, Khan Wong, Anah Reichenbach, Ann Humphreys, Tiana Zoumer and Vivian Spiral to name a few.

Paula is the Co-founder of The Hudsucker Posse hoop dance troupe in Bloomington Indiana and she continues to coach, mentor and foster a flow arts community there.

Paula is the Producer and Director of the Kinetic Arts Academy, a flow arts education organization that works to elevate flow-artists and promote the art form through workshops, retreats and performances across the Midwest. Be sure to catch FlowMotion retreat later this season!

Paula is an accomplished group leader, and loves public rituals and authentic estatic movement, once a year she builds a sand yantra in a sacred space and then dances the prayer into the universe with friends.