Fearless Ringleader | Instruction
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I invite each student to carve out space for themselves within the hoop. Our Hoop space is a sacred place where spirit and science meet. Hooping is joyful, renewing and meditative. My mission is to explore dynamic dance qualities with each student, inviting them to move authentically with and without the hoop, while creating a safe container for personal and physical growth. As a moving meditation, our time within the hoop invites us to a deeper spiritual practice that engages both the body and the mind.


Monday night hoops: Jumpstart your week with a fun, fitness oriented class full of tips and tricks for hoop dance and fitness. Beginners welcome, hoops available to share until you get one. Paula can make you a hoop or direct you where to purchase.

Cost is $15 per class.

Summer Schedule: Mondays 6pm, local locations. Contact us as we move around to different outdoor venues. Email fearlessringleader@gmail.com for locations.


Pirouettes and Turns with any Prop
This class will cover the basics of safe turning, covering proper footwork and head alignment (spotting) techniques. We will spend half the class working on several types of turns and then combine the moves with our props. This class is for ANY PROP, not just hoops! Learn to turn like a pro in this fun, creative class! Please wear footwear you can spin in.

Lyrical Hoop Dance
This class is developed for hoopers who really want to put the dance in their hoopdance. Specific visual and meditation techniques will be combined with dance combinations to bring out your inner grace and poise along with teaching you how to really open up your flow and be present in your body with your hoop. ** Lyrical Hoop dance is dance for hoopers. Paula combines her experience of Dance theory techniques with exercises designed for movement artists with little or no experience with dance, lyrical hooping combines ballet, jazz and modern techniques guaranteed to improve your flow in your hoop.

Organic Choreography~or: “What makes you so spacial?”
Get ready to get intimate and find your groove in the context of this tribe of flow. Paula will lead you on a deep journey towards your authentic movement practice as it relates to groups and into a place of group flow choreography. We will participate in meaningful exercises designed to open up your awareness of how you move in space with others, gradually building on a group vocabulary of movements that by the end of the class become a choreographed dance. It’s amazing, and almost unbelievable how easily the group starts to mesh and entrain together when led through this class. I like to call it a crucible of motion. Come dance with us, and share your most authentic moving self.

Performance Techniques

Learn essential dance theories essential to character development, finding your strengths and create a polished performance in this lecture and activity based class. We will first discuss what makes great engaging performances and do exercises to bring out your best performance. Bring a way to take notes and your prop.